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Become a customer

Welcome as a new customer in the bank. You will receive help in opening an account and getting started with your banking transactions. In order to become a customer at Sparbanken Skåne, you will need to show your ID and tell us why you want to open an account. You can read more about what the bank needs to know about you here.

Manage your finances.Manage your finances

As a Nyckelkund (Key customer) you can easily manage your everyday finances. Here are a few examples of the services included in such a package.

•  Cards and payments
•  Digital and telephone services
•  Check your account on your mobile phone
•  Free valuation of your residence
•  Safe shopping on-line
•  Newsletter
•  Swish

Become a customer.Special offers

We offer special packages for e.g. youths, students and athletes.

If you have large amount of capital to invest we offer investment advice and help from the bank´s most experienced advisers and specialists.

Please visit a bank office to get help in opening the bank services you need.

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